Powerfully Communicate Your Impact: Lessons from … Bloomberg?!

We led lively workshops this week for folks at CDC’s Injury Center committed to strengthening how they communicate the results of their good work. Lots of active learning and candid discussion. And sharing…including my friend, colleague, and ace scientist David Sleet giving me a copy of the progress report on improving global road safety by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Check out how they conveyed their results. Continue reading Powerfully Communicate Your Impact: Lessons from … Bloomberg?!

Everything about Your Organization Talks. Everything.

Sure, it’s “only” a sewer cover in Portland Oregon, a.k.a. The Rose City. But it speaks to the reality that everything that an organization says and does either strengthens its image, or weakens it. Portland (the great city where my daughter Alyssa lives) is known as a place where roses grow like crazy, home of the Portland Rose Festival (other reasons here).

Think about the many little ways that you can communicate and reinforce your brand: How your people answer the phone, what your directional signage looks like, how you greet visitors, and if you’re a municipality, yes, even your sewer covers.

Warning Signs, Fines, and Risk Communication

Check out these two signs telling you about violation fines. Which one would influence your behavior more?Warning Signs

This is a common example of Behavioral Decision Theory (BDT) or Behavioral Economics, hitting up against the complexities of real life. Are we moved more by a message that tells us the minimum we’ll be fined for certain if caught, or the maximum we could be fined if caught? Continue reading Warning Signs, Fines, and Risk Communication