How NOT to Name Your New Company or Product

Don’t brainstorm names. Don’t do it! At least don’t do it right away.
A name is really important. It becomes the “hook” on which rests the reputation of your organization, product, or service. You gotta get it right.
What does “right” mean? Likeable? Nope, not necessarily. “Likable” can actually be bad. What people like is usually what they are comfortable with – which means familiar. You don’t want a name that is just familiar because it will fade into the background of competing entities.
First and foremost, “right” means the name fits your positioning strategy. Every naming project needs to start with a positioning strategy. That strategy gives you positioning attributes that the name can be developed around and tested against.
Start with positioning. Then come other characteristics of highly effective names- memorable, distinctive, sounds good, looks good, and of course that special quality called “cool.” And of course, available!