Gratitude in the Med Tech World


In America, the holiday wakes up a lot of people to the good in their lives and they feel thankful.gratitude

I believe that for those of us whose work results in preventing disease, allaying pain and suffering, or restoring health, we have something to be thankful for everyday. That includes every person involved in med tech, healthcare, life sciences, health insurance, etc.

You have chosen to work in a field that inherently has meaning and purpose. Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of that, with the relentless pressure to come up with the next big thing, to be fast to market, to hit your numbers no matter what. And if your work is far from the front lines of patient care, it can become harder to connect what you do with the ultimate outcome of better health.

Stay motivated by connecting your work with its higher purpose – improving health and well-being. Here’s a story that brings to life how you can imbue meaning in what you do everyday, by repositioning your own thinking.

Sir Christopher Wren was a renowned astronomer, writer, and most notably an architect – a real renaissance man. He designed many of the most famous churches in England in the late 1600s. One day when Sir Christopher was inspecting the work on his masterpiece St. Paul’s Cathedral, he walked up to one stonemason and asked, “What are you doing?” The worker said “I’m laying stone.” Sir Christopher thinks about it, nods his head and keeps walking. He turns the corner of the building and walks up to another stonemason. He walks over to him, and once again says, “What are you doing?” This man looks at him, looks up, smiles, and says: “Sir, I am building a monument to God!”

He was doing the exact same work as the first mason, but the second mason connected his actions with a powerful vision and greater meaning. You can imagine this second mason was far more driven, focused, and committed to the results of his work. Why? He imbued his work with a higher purpose. It was no longer about the stones he laid.  It was about building a monument to God. His recognition that he was contributing to a significant purpose was the source of his focus and clarity.

So you’re not just managing work streams, developing product specs, writing code, editing copy, or selling products. You are contributing to better health, to less pain and suffering, to hope for living a better life.

Remember – especially when you feel overwhelmed with details and deadlines: YOU are making the world a little better.

Thank you.

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