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Oral B’s “Wrong Reason” 2 Minute Toothbrushing App

How to you get people to do what you want them to do? One approach is what we call “right reason” marketing. If you make toothbrushes, that means rationally convince people why they should brush for 2 whole minutes – better hygiene, greater cavity prevention, etc. ┬áSurely they’ll agree and brush away! Or not. Continue reading Oral B’s “Wrong Reason” 2 Minute Toothbrushing App

“Wrong Reason” Marketing Wins Again!

What is “wrong reason” marketing? It’s when you the marketer flip the benefits you’re pitching from the right reasons to the far more effective wrong reasons.

Great example was highlighted in a recent UPWORTHY post with this striking headline:
When Their Sad Ads Stopped Working, One Animal Shelter Tried Out A New Idea. It Saved 5,000 Dogs. Continue reading “Wrong Reason” Marketing Wins Again!